Trademark Watching Service

This is such a fantastic service - Once your trade mark is safely registered, we recommend that a watch service is set up to monitor any competitors who may be seeking to register a substantially similar mark in the areas where your business trades. This enables you to react quickly to any potential infringements on your trade marks.

When you sign up to our watching service, you can either choose to receive reports on the relevant registries detailing any potential conflicts directly, or our team of expert trade mark attorneys can manage the analysis on your behalf for an additional yearly charge.

Local Trademark Watch Worldwide Trademark Watch
1 Year 4500
2 Years 8000
5 Years 11000
10 Years 9000
1 Year $550
2 Years $450
5 Years $300
10 Years $1800


*Please note that prices shown are per class.

To order the Trademark Watch please fill out our order form here and mail it to our Consulting person or